iOS 18 Will Reportedly Introduce Two Improvements to the Built-In Weather App

iOS 18 will now show the ‘Feels Like' temperature at the top of the Weather app interface.

iOS 18 Will Reportedly Introduce Two Improvements to the Built-In Weather App

is expected to roll out to all compatible devices later this year

18 was unveiled by Apple at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2024 last month. During the event, the Cupertino-based tech giant showcased several new features that will arrive with its next major update to the operating system. However, some features which were not mentioned at the event are now being discovered. A report has now spotted two new features in the . One of the features is said to provide a minor design tweak and bring the ‘Feels Like' temperature where users can easily spot it.

iOS 18 Weather app improvements

9to5Mac has identified two new updates to the Weather app on iOS 18 that could improve its usability. According to images shared by the publication, the ‘Feels Like' temperature will now be shown more prominently underneath the actual temperature on the top of the app's interface. This will be a marked improvement from its current positioning as users have to scroll down to see this metric. ‘Feels Like' will reportedly be shown in a different size and font style to make it easy to differentiate.

iOS 18 Will Reportedly Introduce Two Improvements to the Built-In Weather App

‘Feels Like' temperature is a measure of how hot or cold the weather actually feels, as opposed to the objective air temperature recorded by weather stations. This incorporates several factors such as the effect of relative humidity, wind speed, and air temperature to reveal what an individual would really perceive the temperature to be. With this upgrade to the Weather app, users can see both values at the same time.

The publication states that the ‘Feels Like' temperature will only be visible when there is a significant difference between it and the real value of the air temperature. In case the difference is minor or none, users will only see the former.

The second feature will reportedly allow users to check the weather in both their home and work locations. The iOS 18 update will allow the Weather app to integrate with Contacts and let it pull home and work addresses. In the app, users will see these as new locations to their list of tracked weather spots for convenience, as per the report. Earlier, users would have to manually add these locations to check their weather updates.


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