Dubai Customs Launches Blockchain Platform for Reduced Paperwork, Tamper-Proof Data Sharing

Dubai Customs is will use blockchain technology to simplify supply chains in a bid to boost the city's entrepreneurship sector.

Dubai Customs Launches Blockchain Platform for Reduced Paperwork, Tamper-Proof Data Sharing

plans to use the to improve its business ecosystem

Dubai Customs has launched a new blockchain platform to optimise commercial operations within the region, which is increasingly being seen as a pro-technology market. In an attempt to deal with some of the roadblocks that hinder the entrepreneurial sector in Dubai, the customs department is exploring the use of blockchain technology to increase transparency and ease the process of sharing data in a tamper-proof manner. The blockchain platform was unveiled on Monday, and is touted to offer secure, efficient, economic plans, as well as tech-driven logistics initiatives.

Sultan Ahmed bin Sulayem, Chairman of Dubai's Ports, Customs, and Free Zone Corporation, has called the upcoming blockchain platform a ‘quantum leap' in improving Dubai's business and commercial operations.

“We believe that adopting modern technologies like blockchain will significantly contribute to improving the business environment and enhancing Dubai's position as a major centre for global trade,” Sulayem said in a prepared statement.

Blockchain technology, also referred to as distributed ledger technology, stores data on multiple nodes — which prevents the concentration of data on one server like traditional servers. This makes it more difficult for malicious hackers to breach networks. In addition, any data that is stored on blockchain networks leaves a permanent track, which brings transparency into businesses.

Dubai's authorities are also looking to leverage other blockchain capabilities like real-time goods tracking and curbing instances of frauds and counterfeiting.

This however, is not the first time, that Dubai has explored the use of blockchain technology. In May, it unveiled a strategy aimed at making the region one of the top ten economies well versed with technology.

Dubai previously tapped the Solana Foundation in to provide the blockchain infrastructure for its free economic zone in October 2023, called the Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC) to help businesses operating from there to get to scale their businesses.


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